Land Registry Compliant Plans

Land Registry Compliant Plans

We can prepare accurate scale plans which are compliant with Land Registry requirements for submission with all types of applications including sales of part, grants of leases, easements and restrictive covenants. Our Land Registry compliant plans are suitable for both residential or commercial properties. We pride ourselves on producing accurate plans quickly thereby allowing your legal matter to progress efficiently.

Your solicitor will advise you when you need to have a Land Registry compliant plan prepared but in order to help you identify when a plan might be required, we have set out below some common triggering events:

  • Sale of part of a property (for example part of a garden) or lease of part

  • Grant of a new lease (both commercial tenancies and residential in excess of a 7 year term)

  • Grant of easements (rights of way)

  • First Registrations


If you are selling part of a property you will need a scale plan to show that area of land which is to stay within the original Title and that area which is to comprise the new registered Title. Often with sales of part there are other legal features which will need to be delineated on the plan, for example marking out of rights of way, identifying land which is to have the benefit of restrictive covenants and perhaps the location of shared amenities. We can add shading or hatching or colouring to correspond with details in the Deeds.

It is not just sales which trigger the need for a Land Registry Compliant plan. On the grant of a Lease with a term in excess of 7 years you will need to register the Lease with the Land Registry together which an accurate scale plan showing the extent of the demise. 

We are used to dealing with rural property and will prepare plans using the correct scale. We can prepare plans to show the location of Septic tanks or oil tanks and rights of way for access and maintenance in connection with proposed Deeds of Easement or other features.

We are used to dealing with the unusual from mapping grave yards to caravan sites, Le Gallez + Co have many years’ experience in preparing Land Registry Compliant plans and would be happy to provide a no-obligation quote for a Land Registry compliant plan.


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