Professional drone pilot with CAA PfCO

An aerial photograph or short video of a property will show off the full extent of gardens and land and also show the setting of the property.  It might not be obvious from standard photography that a property has a stunning cliff top location or is on the edge of a beautiful woodland. Even houses and apartments that look relatively plain from ground level can be given an aesthetic advantage by photographing them from an elevated viewpoint. So, give your sales the edge by using aerial drone photography. You might be surprised by how cost-effective aerial photography is.
Brown field sites really benefit from aerial footage to show the positioning of individual units. The aerial photography can also show large areas of land for example when photography farms and other rural developments.
We find a huge marketing advantage is achieved by showing the potential views a new build property will have once built by positioning the camera at pre-set heights. 
We use UAV drones to take photographs and video to help sell houses and property.
Operating to strict safety procedures, we are CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) approved, in order that we can undertake domestic, commercial and filming legally and safely. First priority is the safety of the public and staff on all of our shoots.
Aerial stills are a great addition to any set of images.
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