COVID-19 Protocols

Updated: 4th January 2021
Protocols for undertaking property visits; following good practice and social distancing techniques
  • All employees are required to wear a face covering (which will be provided) to each appointment.

  • Employees will utilise hand gel before and after each appointment.


  • Social distancing will be observed, and property owners will be requested be absent from the property during the time of the visit, whilst the Employee carries out their work. There will be no physical contact such as handshaking. Discussions regarding the property will take place at a safe distance, by follow up telephone call or email.

  • An assessment/visit cannot take place if anyone in the property has or is displaying signs of covid-19. All persons commissioning our services are requested to confirm via telephone call the morning of the appointment that they are free of symptoms before our Employee attends and enters the property.
  • Where it is possible, property owners will be asked to leave all internal doors, loft hatches, boiler cupboards open to minimise the amount of physical touching by our Employee.
  • People who engage our services for example estate agents, landlords and solicitors are requested not to be present at our assessments and only for access to the property if necessary.
  • A property should be presented in the way it is to be displayed in photos as our employees cannot handle or move items within a property during this pandemic. Please have this in mind if photography is being commissioned, clear all kitchen sides and bathroom condiments, towels and any personal possessions you do wish to be displayed in images. 
Thank you for working with us through these challenging times.
Le Gallez & Co